Made it safetly to Palma, Mallorca.

I made it safetly to Palma Mallorca. I'm still alittle jetlagged, but other than that things are going well. I put away my clothes and set up my art work area. Already I've made 4 pieces, all smaller than usual. Its nice to change up the scale in which i work. I also got an email back from a store/gallery in Toronto that I'm going to have a show at in july, so i'm excited about that. I think that's made me get refocused on the artwork making.
Tomorrow I'll get to take a day trip to a different part of the island, probably up in the mountains. My boyfriend and I have an old transporter vw that we'll be using while over here. It's good to get from point a to b, but not very good at accelerating up the mountains. We'll be here for the next 6 weeks. The island is beautiful. We are staying in S'arenal at La Playa Palma. The earth is very dry and sand-like. Lots of cactuses and some how flowers manage to grow here.
Nothing really stands out quite like argentina yet. The produce is alright, nothing special, and i have yet to taste the cafe since I quit drinking it:(
Also the town that we are in is the German equivalent to Cancun for Americans. Its not quite the season yet, but there are almost as many germans as spaniards. yikes. Everywhere there is uber-this or beergarten- that. So this should be interesting...

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