Hike to La Trapa Monastery, Mallorca, Spain

Oskar and I took a long hike yesterday into the mountains of San Telm
(the southwest tip of Mallorca) to the monestary La Trapa. It was
great to see another side of the island, which was incredibly lush
with darker soil, green grass, orange,lemon and olive trees. The path
started out wide and easy at the base, but by the end of the hike we
were literally rock climbing:) Let's just say, due to liability
reasons, a path like this would not fly in the states. At
the very end of the path we came over a large rock and were really
wondering if we were on a path to no where, when all of sudden we see
this small self-sufficient community with a monastery in the center of
it. When we arrived the people that live there were preparing a meal
that smelled so good I was really kicking myself for not bringing food
or water :(

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