Nice to See You

Yes it is.

I Pity the Fool

Who doesn't get their coffee from Seven Grams. They are one of the few few few places that uses a "safe" plastic lid on their to go coffee cups.
Have you heard?
Bad plastics are: 3, 6, 7
Good Plastics are: 1,2,4,5
Check the number in your recycling symbol, most are 6 (including Starbucks, tsk tsk)

Where Man meets Nature

Why the city playground of course.


Aki is my favourite restaurant in Manhattan.
Small, unassuming and unusual combinations is what keeps me coming back everytime I go home.
Luckily, Oskar likes it too, otherwise I don't think it would have worked out between us. Pictured below is my favourite dish, the Tuna Muille Feuille.

Down the Alley

Of our old house.
I miss the Annex.

Etsy Love

A few months back I bought Tor a personalized Bear Blanket from Etsy.
I love it! And I think he'll love it to when he's old enough.
Right now it quietly lives in his crib with him while he sleeps.
Roxy Marj, the artist, hand paints each bear and message on the Bear's Belly.

Wall Mural

We were biking around Ft Myers Beach when I came across this hand painted mural that I love. Oskar was good enough to circle the block while I snapped some shots.


Square Foot Show at Twist Gallery

I went over to peek at the Square Foot Show this afternoon with Oskar and Tor. It looks great! The artist reception was tonight, but due to conflicting baby bedtimes, I opted to go earlier in the day. Which was great since the place wasn't packed and I could actually see the art! And good news for me, I got all 3 pieces in. I saw alot of great work today.
Tor, my best masterpiece, and I infront of one of Gazelle Head!
One of my faves that already sold.
Oskar's favourite, Cookie Monster with a prostitute.


I just submitted 3 works to the Square Foot Show at AWOL Gallery. I'll see if any of them get into the show when I head over there on Saturday. It should be a fun one since there are so many artists contributing. Looking forward to it and try and stop by if you live in the Queen/Dovercourt neighbourhood.


Soft Light

I came across these photos from about a year ago that I never posted. I really liked them and miss the soft southern light that we used to get in our old apartment.


Window Panes

Between the paintings below and these beautiful window panes, I hardly even noticed the furniture in the interior design store. I love the foggy glass and the varying density that the different variaties that the ivy created.

Finger Paint? Yes, please.

I never know when or where I see something that I get really excited about. This weekend while looking at kitchen appliances, Oskar and I stopped in at a home interior shop.

The furniture was lovely, but it was these paintings that really had me going. They made me want to return to my inner kindergartener and take up finger painting. The paintings actually reminded me alot of the aboriginal art that I saw in Australia. I loved the artist's bright palette, the tactileness (is that a word?) of the paint, and the energy created by the playful linear shapes.

This monster print is awesome. It was set up outside in a Kensington Haunted House/Alley Way. No artist name or other pieces near by, but so strong!



Just a few snapshots around TO.
1. A neon green bike spotted in front of Honest Ed's a few weeks ago, already it's been disassembled. I wonder if it was worth anything.
2. A bald man with octopus hair that I almost stepped on my way to Oskar's office.
3. A series of little boy's room art that I saw and loved at an open house.
4. Some layered paper and graffiti in front of a building from my old hood.


With the impending deadline of baby looming. Oskar and I have been trying to do everything under the sun that our friends told us we won't have time, energy, nor money to do post-baby. So we went to the Mumford & Sons concert at the ACC. I had no idea how popular they were. I'd only heard them on CBC Radio 2 a handful of times. They sold out the ACC! Good for them and they were awesome live.

The Aquarium

I love my iphone. I've pretty much left my camera to collect dust and use my iphone camera for everything. It's so handy, and of course always with me. Plus, in between taking pictures I get to play words with friends.
It was fun to walk around the birch aquarium and see all the neon coloured under water creatures.
Oskar's favourites were the sea horses.
I thought the shark cases with eggs that were incubating were pretty cool. They were backlit so I could see the shark babies swimming around in their cases. A man that worked there came over to me and explained that the female shark lets the egg and case go into the water and they are left floating free on the ocean to develop. Once they are ready, they break out of the casing and start their life alone (if they don't get immediately eaten by predators). A far cry from how people gestate and raise their young. Us humans are so high maintenance, it's amazing we've lasted for as long as we have.

The Getty

One of the major treats on my vacation was going to the Getty, outside of LA. Considering we paid 10-20 dollars per person to go to galleries and small museums along our way, I was floored when we had to only pay 10 dollars for our parking at the Getty.
We then got treated to a ride up the mountain side, with stunning views, and got let off at the amazing delight of the architectural beauty that is the Getty.
I thought for sure they were going to gauge us at the cafeteria, but even then the prices were reasonable and the food good!
My favourite was walking through the gardens, while sipping on an iced coffee, looking up at the Getty's cluster of buildings and out at the Hollywood Hills.

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