Destination, Etsy

The other night, while Oskar was at a Stag, (or as I affectionately have nick named Stag-O-Weener) I made some new collages. There final destination is Etsy, but I just have to set up a shop now. See how this backwards process forces me to work more.
Anyway, I think they are cute and perfect for a baby's nursery. I would keep a few for myself, but I already have plenty of artwork to choose from.

UPDATE: My ETSY shop is up!


My Own Island

Well, that's how it felt anyway. In the middle of summer I was lucky enough to get Toronto Island to myself. I guess the fact that it was a cool, foggy, weekday did help.
But it was a bit creepy when I didn't run into another soul on my 2 hour walk. After walking for a while I laid down on bench on the boardwalk and took a nap. When I woke up and looked over on the ground I found this adorable little yellow heart. It made me smile.

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