Lazy Sunday

Today I just felt like finding moments in the apartment. The flowers that I had bought on Friday are in full bloom, the painting my grandmother gave to me years ago was calling to me, and my sisters mother-in-law's present of monogrammed coasters were reflecting the light just right. Also, my buttons from WORN magazine arrived weeks ago and were patiently waiting for me to document them. All things looked good dressed in a soft coat of Sunday light.


Fresh Ink: "By the Pound" Call to Artists

Sleeping Giant Gallery is putting together a new and very different kind of art show. See below email excerpt from Josh, one of the creative folks over at Sleeping Giant.

"Sleeping Giant Gallery will be hosting a 2 week exhibit in the month
of November featuring over 200 artists from across Ontario.
The idea behind this exhibit is to create a different outlook on the
way art purchasing is portrayed and actually sell art "By the Pound".
We will be transforming the entire gallery into a "meat market" with
counters, meat scales and a butcher station.
...Art will be sold "by the pound" and placed on a meat scale with a set price per
pound. Prices will vary based on weight per pound, but as it stands right now we are looking at somewhere around $250/pound."

I'm doing 3 pieces for this show and I'm very excited to see the work that is produced for this art "meat market". You can see 1 of my pieces below which is 8x10 inches on wood.


Fresh Pixels: TCA Icons

TCA, Toronto Craft Alert, asked me to create 3 icons for them to keep readers connected while they take a 6 month hiatus. Check out the screen shots below.

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