Momentous March 8th

Happy Belated Birthdays to my late great mother, little niecey Madeline, and 100th celebration of International Women's Day.

Today's Inspiration: One of the artists who I always wanted to share with my mom, Andy Goldsworthy

Below are some drawings I did today 2 ways. Which style do you like better?


Wet Ink: Side St Magazine

Yay! I just got 2 copies of the magazine in the mail. They look awesome. I doodled "Gloves Off" while on hold with a customer service agent at my bank. I guess something good can come out of telephonic frustration.

Inspiration: One of my first favorites Gaston Lachaise



Yay! STICKERYOU is live!
Now you can go to the site and make your own custom vinyl stickers.
The site allows you to upload your own artwork or take advantage of the 1000's of images of our artbank.

Here are a few of the brands & themes we currently offer.

If your a little tight on time or creativity, you quickly grab a pre-made page.

This is a view of our sticker maker. You can drag, drop and arrange the elements on your artboard. If you're looking for some more advanced features, you can also create your own text and mask shapes.

This is the page view. Notice the dotted line around the sticker, that is the custom diecut. Nice!


Wet Ink: Mergers & Acquisitions Now Available on ITunes

The album, Mergers & Acquisitions by Scott Lanaway is now available to purchase on ITunes. I illustrated the the cover of the album and am so pleased that Scott took a creative leap to put his faith into a cluster of antelope heads. The imagery matches his airy, mystical, layered album perfectly. My favourite track title is "Oprah, God Wants You To Have a Jet". The official album release is March 23rd and I can't wait to get my hands on a printed copy.

In the name of art & music making, my inspiration of the day is: david bowie

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