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My first employer, Hyperakt, a Brooklyn based kick-ass design studio is always up to something. There latest project is to raise funds to print their informative and graphically pleasing World Cup poster. Check it out


Six by Eight: Call for Submissions

The Paper Place is doing a Call for Submissions. All you have to do is pick up the provided 6x8 Japanese Kozo paper, create your artwork and return it to the store by June 25th. Then they will hang it in a group show and should you want to sell it they take 0% commission! It's a great opportunity for emerging artists to get some exposure and best in show wins a $100 gift certificate to The Paper Place.
I just finished my piece called "Raindrops." Update SOLD: to a couple from Denmark!


We're All Connected

Indeed we are. This illustration reminded me of the trippy movie, I Heart Huckabees.

Current Obsession: Mango Salsa

I use Epicurious for almost all of my recipes. My current obsession is this Mango Salsa Recipe. I usually add avocado and have never tried it with red pepper, but I'm sure it's great. The recipe got rave reviews from my monthly Women's Wine Group and I even got my candy addicted father-in-law to eat a hefty serving. It's quick, easy, and so so healthy. Plus avocados and mangoes are so ripe and reasonable right now. Yum!


Plant Face

I'm so happy that summer is here and I can fill my patio and sun room with plants. I did this drawing from one of my plants that is struggling, hence the sad little face. I'm giving it plenty of TLC and hoping it will become a big healthy plant one day.


Rainy Day Doodle

My husband has been away for 2 weeks and is coming home tomorrow. I've been lonely without him, but very productive. Him being away reminds me of when we had a long distance relationship. So this Rainy Doodle is for him.


4th Street Food Co-Op put out an open call for a Logo Re-design. Since I didn't have that much on my plate 2 Fridays ago I decided I would spend a few hours on the project and see I came up with. I usually don't do contests or anything like this, but it did really tug at my heart strings because they are just down the street from my old apartment in New York. I used to buy my kale from them.

Here are the 2 logos that they are currently using: 1 is located on their website and the other on mailers. The Co-Op feels the hand in the first logo is too creepy and the tree in the 2nd logo looks like there is trash in it. Also the 2nd logo is not readable at a small size, like on a business card for example:

Here is a reference image that is currently on their site of their welcome board. I thought the hand painted quality of the fruits and layout of the type was really charming.

This logo I created to mimic their welcome board above.

These are the other logo ideas I sent them that included elements I associated with the Co-Op; fresh fruits and veggies, team work, and diversity. I also wanted the logo to be strong graphically, communicate quickly, and be readable at any size.


The Big 3-0 at Vineland

I celebrated my 30th birthday with a lovely lunch at Vineland Estates. We sat on their outdoor patio under a large tree and were treated like kings. The service was incredible, as was the atmosphere and food. Here's a glimpse of my celebratory lunch.

Abstracts of a Loading Dock

Cottage Blues

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