Fresh Pixels: Website Design

Now live: Niagara Falls Motor Lodge

I worked on new logo and website design sketches a few months ago and the lovely and talented, Teresa over at Attention Design out in Vancouver has just finished the coding.

I'm very pleased with the end result as I hear the client is as well.

Inspiration: Ru Kuwahata, my former classmate at Parsons, and bottomless pit of creativity


Fresh Ink: April Alteration

Happy Belated Earth Day. I hope everyone did their part. I did mine by walking to & from work and brought my travel mug to get morning coffee sans paper cup from my favourite environmentally conscious diner,Sadie's.

I just finished an illustration for the online magazine, The Lemon Life. The article is entitled April Alteration and it's all about changing your attitude about the month of April.

Inspiration: Clarina Bezzola. I worked with her 2 summers ago at her Brooklyn studio. She has a powerful imagination and carries out her ideas with big impact visuals.

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