Wet Ink: Side St Magazine

I'm working on some sketches for the cover issue of Side St Magazine. It's the March/April issue so I wanted to do something springy.

Inspiration: Deadweight, the talented Toronto printmaking duo

*UPDATE: Side St Magazine chose "Gloves Off" for the cover. I'll post new photos of the cover image when I get a printed copy.


Morning Visitor

As I was sitting down with my coffee to work yesterday morning I was pleasantly surprised by my morning visitor. He made beautiful shadows on my curtains that I had a few seconds to capture. He moved quickly!

Manners for the 21st Century Scoundrel

New Illustration for the December issue of the TheLemonLife.com

Inspiration: Jason Jagel


Ode to Kir-bits

I miss having a dog. I don't think Oskar shares the same sentiment.

Backyard Snapshots

I miss having a backyard to play in.

Cleveland Rocks

Snapshots from American Thanksgiving in Cleveland; lots of walks around the lake, yummy lattes, and sleeping in. It doesn't get any better than that.

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