Lightning Storm

I went to Royal Canadian Yacht Club, over on Toronto Island the other evening. When I arrived on the dock it was warm and sunny. I was doodling on a bench when I felt the wind really pick up and saw a big storm front coming in. All the boats started racing for shore, the sky and water turned dark and bursts of lightning began to dance over the city skyline. It was quite a show!

Biking around Toronto Island

So many adorable cottages on Toronto Island. It's so green, lush, and best seen from bicycle. There is such a demand to live on the island that the owners are chosen by lottery! Just a ferry ride from Toronto, I say sign me up.


High Line Park

Was so cool! My first time to the park, but definitely not the last.
My favourite section was the water feature with lounge chairs where visitors were invited to cool down by dipping their toes into running water. How beautiful are those sculptural benches?

Pretzels as Big as my Head

and sausages with 2 types of mustard were served at the German Beer Garden underneath the High Line Park in New York. Such a cool spot. They had ping pong tables, authentically dressed servers, and hello, pretzels as big as my head. An awesome addition to the neighbourhood.

NY snap shot

Just some graffiti that could my eye while passing. Such a haunting image.

Central Park

Nothing could be better then walking around Central Park on a sunny day while everyone else is at work. I got to blow some giant bubbles and Oskar got to chase ducks with a remote control sailboat. I love New York. Yes, a sentiment shared by many, but that doesn't make it any less true.


While in New York I definitely got my art fix. I've missed the Met so much living up in Toronto. I used to go there every week when I was at Parsons. I re-visited some of my favourites: Lucian Freud, Gaston Lachaise, and Chuck Close (Oskar's favourite). It's such a special place and like the best things in life, only cost a penny. So everyone can enjoy!

Pepsi Co. Sculpture Garden

Right across from the SUNY Purchase Campus is the the Pepsi Co. Sculpture Garden. Again, one of my old favourite haunts. How cool would it be to be able to walk these grounds during your lunch break?! Giacometti, Moore, Rodin all in set in these beautifully manicured grounds, and free!

The Giant Egg

Sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy. One of my favourite artists. The egg was built by Goldsworthy at the SUNY Purchase campus. We tried to go to the Neuberger Museum for a good show, but they were closed due to power outage. That's okay, I still got good quality time with the egg.

Oh how I've missed you

Cafe Habana.
One of the many places that I looked forward to re-visiting during my trip to new york. I ordered my usual, the corn, and opted for an ice coffee over my regular hibiscus iced tea.

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