My First Rainbow

Every summer since I was a wee lass I have spent 2 weeks at my family cottage on Crystal Beach, and it was only a few weekends ago did I see my first rainbow. I'd say it was worth the wait.

Sunday's Best

My favourite Sunday activity is scouring the stands at the St. Lawrence Antiques Market. I have to control myself by limiting my purchases to 1 or 2. Otherwise, I'll go buck wild and fill our entire 900 sq ft apartment with "junk". So this weekend's buy was 1, no 2 Mason Jars and this cool glass vase. The Mason Jars are from a factory in Hamilton and the owner of the stand was telling me that depending on the rarity of the markings (crown, lion, etc) and year made, a mason jar can run you up to a 1000 dollars. So I figured I was getting a deal at 10 dollars each.

Fresh Ink: Mergers & Acquisitions

I just received copies of Scott Lanaway's "Mergers & Acquisitions" CD that I did the illustrations for. They look great! I'm really pleased with the final product. Click here to give Scott's music a listen.

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