Finger Paint? Yes, please.

I never know when or where I see something that I get really excited about. This weekend while looking at kitchen appliances, Oskar and I stopped in at a home interior shop.

The furniture was lovely, but it was these paintings that really had me going. They made me want to return to my inner kindergartener and take up finger painting. The paintings actually reminded me alot of the aboriginal art that I saw in Australia. I loved the artist's bright palette, the tactileness (is that a word?) of the paint, and the energy created by the playful linear shapes.

This monster print is awesome. It was set up outside in a Kensington Haunted House/Alley Way. No artist name or other pieces near by, but so strong!

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isaiiahdiaz said...

Painting is best craft activity and also my hobby. Its very beautiful and creative painting. I like this post so much.

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