The Aquarium

I love my iphone. I've pretty much left my camera to collect dust and use my iphone camera for everything. It's so handy, and of course always with me. Plus, in between taking pictures I get to play words with friends.
It was fun to walk around the birch aquarium and see all the neon coloured under water creatures.
Oskar's favourites were the sea horses.
I thought the shark cases with eggs that were incubating were pretty cool. They were backlit so I could see the shark babies swimming around in their cases. A man that worked there came over to me and explained that the female shark lets the egg and case go into the water and they are left floating free on the ocean to develop. Once they are ready, they break out of the casing and start their life alone (if they don't get immediately eaten by predators). A far cry from how people gestate and raise their young. Us humans are so high maintenance, it's amazing we've lasted for as long as we have.

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isaiiahdiaz said...

Its very beautiful and great aquarium photo. I like this water and colour photo so much. You have done great work.

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