Wine Country

A couple of weekends again Oskar and I went out to the Beamsville & Niagara wine regions on the hunt for some good Ontario Reds. It was peak fall foliage and the scenery was heavenly! The pictures below were taken at the small, but very successful winery Organized Crime. They were actually harvesting the grapes the day that we were there. All of the coloured crates below is what they were collecting the grapes in. Yum!
My favourite winery that we visited in Niagara, that was a bit off the beaten path was FrogPond, organic winery & farm. A little 28 acre winery & farm, I loved seeing the animals maintaining the grounds and the woman behind the counter serving us was delightful. I tried their 2007 Reisling, Rose, Chambourcin and Cabernet Franc all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. And bonus, they are the same price as regular wines! I highly recommend a visit to FrogPond.
Inspiration: Lizzy Stewart

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