Day Trip around Koh Samui

Had a great 1/2 day trip around Koh Samui with the girlfriends & wives of the other sailors. We saw alot in 1/2 a day and I'm really glad that I got a chance to see outside of Chaweng.

The first photo is of several shrines setup next to a view point. I've seen 1 or 2 shrines that are usually set up outside of businesses, but I have never seen this many in one place. They were beautiful.

After stopping at the view point we headed to 2 waterfalls. They were weak. I don't know if it was their dry season or what, but it wasn't even worth the 10 min hike down to them to see.

Next was the Aquarium. The fish were nice to see and they had big sea turtles that you could feed lettuce to for 50 baht. My favorite part of the Aquarium wasn't actually the aquarium, it was the animals outside in the cages; Elephants, Tigers and Monkeys. Both the elephants and tigers had a baby that was a treat to see.

At this point we had really worked up an appetite and were ready for lunch. One of the woman suggested we eat at "The Cliff" which was advertised in one of the brochures we had. I was pleasantly surprised. The view was incredible (taken of the "elephant rock" below) and the food was quite good. They served complimentary bruschetta which was toasted perfectly and not too garlicky. I had a coconut shake and a seared tuna salad, both of which I really enjoyed.

Another great day in Koh Samui.

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