Fresh Ink: "By the Pound" Call to Artists

Sleeping Giant Gallery is putting together a new and very different kind of art show. See below email excerpt from Josh, one of the creative folks over at Sleeping Giant.

"Sleeping Giant Gallery will be hosting a 2 week exhibit in the month
of November featuring over 200 artists from across Ontario.
The idea behind this exhibit is to create a different outlook on the
way art purchasing is portrayed and actually sell art "By the Pound".
We will be transforming the entire gallery into a "meat market" with
counters, meat scales and a butcher station.
...Art will be sold "by the pound" and placed on a meat scale with a set price per
pound. Prices will vary based on weight per pound, but as it stands right now we are looking at somewhere around $250/pound."

I'm doing 3 pieces for this show and I'm very excited to see the work that is produced for this art "meat market". You can see 1 of my pieces below which is 8x10 inches on wood.

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Nastassja Noell said...

this is beautiful Crystal, I'm reading a book about the Chillihuani people in the upland Andes, and this reminds me of the feeling, the texture.

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