Octopus Project #7

The Octopus Project #7 was held this weekend in the Distillery District. This is my second time exhibiting with them. This shows theme was "Ladder". You can view all the openings pictures at www.octopusproject.ca/octopusproject7 All photographs are taken by Melanie Gordon, one of the co-creators of Octopus Project. My favorite piece of the show was the bean ladder which you can see below.

The next theme is "Free" in which all the artwork is actually free! The person who "purchases" the free work is supposed to send a letter to the artist either thanking them, telling them a story, writing a poem...etc. In lieu of paying a participating artist fee of $20 (which usually covers printing postcards, food and drink for the opening, and labor) the artist will donate either food, drink, or services. This should be an interesting social experiment. Both my husband and I will be creating a piece for the show.

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