New Documentary "Herb & Dorothy"

Yesterday I listened to a story on CBC about "Herb & Dorothy". Instantly I was hooked and have to see the documentary. The story of an older couple, Herb a postal clerk and Dorothy a librarian, both under 5 foot, living in a 1-bedroom apartment in New York. Sounds ordinary enough, right? But, this couple is one of the most influential art collectors in Manhattan.

You have to check out their website www.herbanddorothy.com Where you can see pictures of the couple, their apartment, and their incredible art collection that they've amassed. On the website there is also the trailer for the documentary which is screening Sunday March 1st in Toronto at 4:00pm at the Al Green Theatre, Miles Nadal JCC, 750 Spadina Avenue.

When I grow up I want to be just like Herb and Dorothy.

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