Koala in My Backyard

We are currently staying with a family in Somers. Oskar's regatta, the pan asian pacifics / sail melbourne, is being hosted by the Sommers Yacht Club. Sommers is about an hour drive south of Melbourne. Alot of people come here for summer holiday and weekends. It's a tiny town couple of kms in length and only streches as far back as 2 blocks from the beach. It has 1 general store where you can grab a coffee, paper, or sandwich. Sommers is located on Mornington Pennisula which is filled with winerys, golf courses, and beautiful beachs. It's also close to Seal Island where monstrous great whites have been found and Phillips Island where you can find penguins marching in from the sea every sunset.
Anyway, Somers has alot of koalas that inhabit their Eucalyptus trees and we were lucky enough to spot a male in our backyard yesterday. It slept most of the day but occasionally woke up, stretched his head back, and made a deep snorting sound. Maybe a mating call? This morning he was gone though, maybe to go and find his girlfriend.

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