Art Gallery of NSW

Daytrip to downtown Sydney...Highlight of the day was our visit to the Art Gallery of NSW. Highlight of the gallery were the fantastic original oil paintings by Brett Whiteley. All three are pictured below. More of his work can be viewed at his website:
A few weekends ago I visited Brett Whiteley's Gallery in Surry Hills and was impressed with the space and the high quality of the current show. It was an exhibition of finalists of "Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship". All of the artists are between the age of 20-30. The winner of the show Nathan Hawkes, created 12 small grayscale paintings of icebergs. They were quiet in comparison to the large scale colorful canvases surrounding his work.

At the Art Gallery of NSW the aboriginal art was also quite interesting, unfortunately the gallery doesn't allow photos of the aboriginal art. The cafeteria in the base of the gallery was good. I tried the tapas plate with various dips, olives, and bread. Great for the price.
Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures below. The Art Gallery of NSW doesn't allow flash in the Gallery so I had to make do with the existing lite.

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