Taragona Zoo

Took a hike over to Taragona Zoo on Sunday. Usually I'm not one to visit a zoo, but because of many recommendations I decided to. Price tag of 40 bucks was hefty but once in, I was glad that I came. I should note that there are some ways to get discounts; ordering tix online saves 2 bucks a ticket, using a mastercard to pay for the tixs saves you 15%, or if you are a student you get 17 dollars off ticket price). Not only did the zoo boast incredible views of downtown sydney, the opera house, and bridge, but the amount of animals and facilities were impressive. My favorite exhibits where the birds, apes, and seeing a koola was neat as well.
All the koolas were asleep, but it's to be expected since they sleep 20 hours and eat for 4. The aboriginals thought that the koolas slept this much because they were drunk from the formented eucalyptus leaves, but not true. Apparently eucalyptus leaves are very hard to digest, so their bodies shutdown to digest their food.

I had to put this last photo in. Oskar was trying to get a picture of the stuffed koala but caught what looks like a very naught act.

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