Weekend visit to Sintra

Day trip to Sintra was great. Wish that I had more time to explore as the town was quite spread out. We explored the local park where we encountered rock climbers, took a trolley tour of the city, and relaxed at a cafe that our guide book recommended. I was very happy for it was the first time that i ordered the fish soup; which came in a dark broth with chunks of white fish.
The cuisine is a lovely change from the heavy red meats, jamon, and red wines of Spain. Portugal offers local reasonably priced fishs such as sea bream, cod, swordwish, sea bass (that are most likely caught that day). The fish are usually grilled or cooked in salt, served with peeled potatos, and a veggie. Portugal also serves up many other creatures of the sea like clams, prawns, sardines, and mixed seafood soups. To accompany the fish Portugal has a large array of wonderful light wines, I especially like the semi-sparkling white.
Well, I could go on and on about the food, but instead I will highly recommend anyone who can to come and visit this paradise. Out of my travels to Europe and South America, The Portugese Coast has been my favorite by far.

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