Back in North America

I'm back in Toronto.
Oskar and I have been shopping around for apartments in downtown and have pretty pleased with what we've seen. You can get alot more bang for your buck here, as opposed to New York. Our favorite so far is a basement apt. in "the financial area" of downtown. A block from 2 subways and 2 trams, convienent walk to Queen West (where the galleries are), and in an authentic loft building 3 stories high(no skyscrapers for me).
Its over 900 sq ft, nicely finished, over 12.5 ft ceilings but the catch is its a basement apt. So our windows literally start 12 ft off the ground and continue 4ft. up. We see legs walking by our window, its a bit disorienting. The positive side to that is that it's a live/work building and so I can have my studio in our apt, clients walk through the building, and place artwork in our windows (which is great advertising, since its at a busy corner). I'm very excited at the prospect of this apt, so I will keep you updated.

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